All For The Audience

β€œLife ends when you stop dreaming, hope ends when you stop believing, love ends when you stop caring, friendship ends when you stop sharing"

I'm 18, live in the DFW area. I love anything related to the arts; theatre, photography, sculptures, painting ...etc. I love everything rainbow and sparkles; but I also love sad songs and stormy nights. Music is my life; I play guitar and sing...I hate writing these "about me" things...if you want to know more, just ask.

Loving my new #septumring that ordered from #holylandtreasures off of #etsy!
Artistic photo challenge: day one        “Coffee talk”. I was challenged by Lezlie Shipman, and I challenge @theatrestephy. You must take and artistic photo for the next five days, challenging a new person every day. Have fun!!
Dyed my hair last night. Feels good to be a redhead again πŸ’• #redhairdontcair #ginger #girlswithpiercinga
Ahh! I just can’t get these right! Anywho, in honor of kick off, #day4 and #green for #31dc2014 these are my football nails. The really look SO much better in my head. But I’m sick and it’s late. So  it is what it is!
In honor of kickoff and for #day4 and the color #green of #31dc2014 a horribly done football mani 😝it looked way better in my head!
Blah! Not diggin this #mani at all! It gave me so much trouble from the start! First of all, I HATE yellow, and I couldn’t get an even coat, I couldn’t get my tape to stick and my grey went gloppy on me. But here’s my #day3 of the #31dc4014 #yellow
#31DC2014 yesterday’s color was #orange. I was a little stumped as to what design to go with, and finally settled with a butterfly wing. This is my first attempt, and I really do think it could be better, but practice makes perfect! #day2
Yesterday #31DC2014 #red. I did them late and didn’t have time to do much to them. Will be posting my #orange mani soon
I have the best mommy ever! #sick
Gonna give this a try #31DC2014